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Got some lift time finally today and more tomorrow, wish I had the fuel lines and battery cable. Anyway I yanked the stock fuel lines and under car fuel stuff out. The return line siphoned about 9 gallons of gas out for some reason, which was an unexpected bonus.

I thought I would have to pull the transmission out to clearance the tunnel a bit, but it turns out I just had the wrong trans mount. The standard Ford mount brought it down a little and now I have plenty of room. I also got the hydraulic clutch pedal and master cylinder installed for good.

I started the hydroboost brake install, but when I was bench bleeding the master cylinder it started leaking from the grommets between the reservoir and the main body. It's a Mustang master cylinder with a Volvo reservoir on it, I did use o rings to space it up a little but maybe not enough? I'm not sure, I will attempt double o rings tomorrow.

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