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I had today to work on the car again, it was a bit win, a bit lose.

I added crankcase ventilation to the valve covers, that went fairly smooth. The hydroboost was a bit different. I guess I messed up with the measurements of where the clevis that mounts on the pedal goes, it is about a half inch or so too long. I went to install the hoses, and the power steering pump to hydroboost was fine, but the line to the steering rack wasn't. The fitting is not what I thought it was. Not usually a big deal but my lift time is at an end tomorrow, I will try to get the right fitting locally in the morning, which always cost twice as much as it should, but oh well.

As far as the spacing on the clevis, I will do a bit of grinding on the clevis and space the hydroboost off the firewall a little, hopefully that get it done without a huge pain in the ass.

I wasn't able to make the brake fluid reservoir stop leaking, I did manage to make it worse though haha. I will probably just use the mustang reservoir, it looks goofy but I get move on.

I put the breathers in the only real estate available. Since they are semi-tall valve covers there is no rocker clearance issues. They are packed with fiberglass window screens to hopefully stop them from sucking oil up.

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