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the water drains as it should
Apparently not.

but, when I move the car it splashes down into the interior.
And there you go.

Normally, a car will have a "tray" that everything attaches to, and a drain hose at each corner leading down the roof pillars to dump under the car. The hoses can get plugged over time by tiny leaves mixed with dirt and other random crud. Some people will ram a wire down the drains from above to try to unclog them, some will use compressed air. Over-enthusiastic use of either can dislodge the drain tubes from the tray, or crack them, and lead to water coming into the car, usually in the front pillar area (wet 240 fuse box time) or the rear (trunk or rear footwell fills up). If nobody has ever GENTLY cleared the hopefully still-connected tubes, the tray slowly fills up and dumps the water on your head.

Here's a pretty picture of a 240-series tray....

Is there a way to water proof the sunroof?


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