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Originally Posted by blkaplan View Post
From your experience where would be the best place to have the rings/
Our conversion discarded the parking brake and fit the reluctor ring over the machined section of axle that normally passes between the shoes.

This is obviously not OK for any vehicle that wants to retain the stock parking brake. We looked at a few other options, e.g. cutting notches in the outside of the parking brake drum, cutting a hole in the axle tube & welding in a bung, etc. but none of them was simpler than this.

I was being a bit facetious; TBH I think that if there's a market for this, having rings available as an add-on and making sure that they will sit in a sensible place is all that's required. I'd be happy to share more detail shots if that'd be any use.

Originally Posted by dl242gt
That is part of the differential.
Not if you want to convert to 4-channel ABS. 8)
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