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JohnMc's advice is correct. Up to 1971 the B20E used a firewall mounted 2 port regulator and in 1972 Volvo / Bosch switched to the three port regulator. With a 5/16" Tee fitting you can use the earlier two port design mounted on the firewall; however, you may find that you have location issues and will end up with some funky looking plumbing to get it hooked up. I would personally be inclined to fork over the extra $ to get a proper 3 port regulator if you can still source one. CVI lists them as available; but, out of stock.

VP Auto and Skandix both list them as discontinued. Email CVI to see if it will ever be available. If CVI, VP and Skandix can't supply it that is a really bad sign and it might be appropriate to consider the switch to a two port.

There are aftermarket regulators (Aeromotive seels one) which have tapped ports to allow you to set it up exactly like the Volvo 3 port regulator (you need NPT - barbed adapters) with hte return line out the bottom. I have tried these; but, with the Aeromotive I found that it did not work well with the 28-30 psi fuel pressure in the D jet system. It chattered a lot and was not able to maintain a steady pressure at low flow rates - just something to be aware of with the aftermarket regulators.

If you can't find an original 3 port regulator I would go with the earlier 2 port regulator. Be aware that there are a few Delphi regulator part numbers that cross reference to the early Volvo regulator, Delphi 12348TY and Delphi 98339wc and FP 10545 (which is what shows up in the current Delphi catalogue). Delphi FP 10545 is listed by Rock Auto for a very nice price

Looking at the pictures of FP 10545, it looks like with a Tee barb fitting attached to the side (inlet port) you might be able to fit it approximately where the current 3 port fits. Rock Auto lists the regulator pressure at 29 psi which is in the correct range (28 psi for 1971 and 30 psi for 1972) and is presumably adjustable. The price is right if you are inclined to experiment.
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