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Default wagon springs or ambulance springs with koni sport dampers?

I'm looking to buy koni sport dampers for my 240 wagon and want to know which rear spring would be a better match for my system. Currently I have lesjofors 4095801 on the front and lesjofors 4295816 on the rear. I took some measurements by measuring suspension compression with a known added weight of two friends over the axle.

I measured an effective spring rate of about 118 lbf/in in the front, which probably puts me in the ballpark of a 125 lbf/in spring. My camber is set all the way negative with the stock plates, although I didn't do the math and assumed a rough 0.95 motion ratio to get the 125 lbf/in rate. This makes me think these are basically gt springs.

In the rear, I measured an effective spring rate of about 222 lbf/in. With a motion ratio of 1.5, that puts me at almost 150 lfb/in for the rear springs, which seem more like ambulance springs than normal wagon springs.

Dave posted specs on the konis here:

koni sport yellow: rebound / compression (newtons at a peak velocity of 500 mm/s)
front strut: 950-1900 / 700
rear shock: 2200-4400 / 1150

My gut reaction is that I should ditch the ambulance rear springs and get normal wagon rear springs, but I figure there should be an objectively better choice based on the data.
1992 volvo 240 wagon:
> flavor: black on tan
> suspension: stock + 23/19mm f/r arb
> wheels: 14x6" enkei 92 + 215/70R14
> drivetrain: M47II + 3.31 + open diff
> engine: B230F + 2.5" exhaust

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