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I agree. Stock wagon springs are the way to go for what I'm going for. I am a bit confused about which part to order though. Rockauto lists lesjofors 4495801 as the rear spring for a wagon. However, that part number is not in lesjofors catalog. Consulting the lesjofors catalog, they list 4295803 as the normal wagon rear spring, and 4295816 as the "reinforced version" or ambulance spring. I ended up with the ambulance springs in the first place because this is the only stock replacement spring fcp euro lists for a 1992 wagon. I searched 4295803 and they stock this spring, but their fitment table looks pretty strange, listing mostly 1985 and earlier cars. I'm not sure what's going on here.
1992 volvo 240 wagon:
> flavor: black on tan
> suspension: stock + 23/19mm f/r arb
> wheels: 14x6" enkei 92 + 215/70R14
> drivetrain: M47II + 3.31 + open diff
> engine: B230F + 2.5" exhaust
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