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Originally Posted by spock345 View Post
From everything I have found online the HIF6s flow a bit better than the HS6s (240cfm vs 210cfm). Although I am worried

The simplicity is a big part of why I am considering the HS carbs even though they will need machining. Although supposedly the choke is better on the HIFs.
Maybe I have them switched RE the flow advantage. IMO I'd go with the HS's, especially since you're sticking with the B18.

The chokes (if you're referring to a mechanical/manual enrichment device) on both sets of HIF's I've had sucked. Either barely worked at all or seemed to never come off entirely. Depending on the year of Volvo HIF's, you may only have a front choke like my '71 142S.
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the only problem with that is what you define as cheap and fast
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The incest is implied.
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