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Interesting, while digging around I found some threads on British car forums that seem to lean towards the HIF carbs while harping on their float adjustments. I would think that setting the float height is pretty easy.

Originally Posted by 283SD View Post
In my 45+ years working on cars with Skinners Union Carbs, in your case I would use the HS6 carbs, never liked the HIF carbs.
Any particular reason why?

I would just send the carburetors out to be refurbished but I rather like working on carbs and there is a plague on. The HS6s would have to go out to get machined, the HIFs throttles aren't really worn at all so I could do the overhaul without machining. I've priced out what needs to be done and the HIFs come out quite a bit cheaper.

My one big worry is the needles. The needles in the HIF carbs are BBB and the HS carbs are ZH. The ZH seems a bit lean for what I am going for (B18B compression with a D cam) and I am worried that since the BBBs were fitted to a B20B that it would be too rich.
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