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Originally Posted by klr142 View Post
LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showing the wheel installed on the car isn't going to show you anything. Looking at the spot where the metal is rubbed away in the pictures in the first post IS going to show you something.

It does fit 7s and 9s. Maybe not jumbo brakes, but maybe yes.

Looks like it'll fit with 5mm spacers.

Now, did they have any issues on the rear of the car? Or just the front?
Whoa. Calm down killer.

I just want to know what part of the caliper is rubbing on the wheel. I'd have trouble determining that from the pictures alrerady posted. It's not even my problem, I'd just like to know for information's sake.

I've made assumptions that most wheels were "2/7/9 compatitble" and would fit w/o problem, I never stated they wouldn't fit 7s and 9s.

Seriously Kyle, don't get so worked up.
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