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While saving up for the next round of parts, I decided to build the 3rd member for the Ford 9" rear. I bought a Yukon Gear 3.89 ring and pinion, install kit, and a Detroit Truetrac a while ago. Got all the pieces on the bench and it occurred to me that I may have a problem, I know a little more now than when I originally purchased this stuff.
The main mistake I made was specifying 35 spline axles for the Truetrac. That requires 3.25 " carrier bearings, and my carrier is only 2.89", no way 35 spline axles are gonna work.

That leaves me with the following options (either option requires new axles):
1: Buy a new carrier and pinion support that have proper size bearing holes for 35 spline axles. These are only available in the aftermarket.
2: Attempt to return the Truetrac (its been almost 2 years since I bought it) and get one for 31 spline axles.

I am pretty sure #1 is the way to go, an updated carrier and pinion support will be stronger (and hopefully a little lighter) and I can still have beefcake 35 spline axles.
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