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Default Rebel Blue with Group A Spoiler


I have a 1983 242 which was hit quite a few years ago in a parking lot, under the ownership of the guy I bought it from the first time I was to own it. It only sustained damage to the pass door and quarter panel, the frame was unaffected. At the time, I had a very limited budget, so I did Bondo work and then decided to matte black the car with cheap cans from Home Depot. It was my attempt at preserving the poor sun damaged and chipped factory light blue.

This was about 6 years ago. This is the second time owning this car, and I just got it running and into my garage. I removed the matte paint on the hood with graffiti remover, and I saw how bad the damage is underneath. I think it's time to repaint the car. I had Rebel Blue (Polestar Blue) in mind, because I love the Polestar S60 cars, and it would be pretty cool to see on a 242. That and a Group A spoiler would make for a pretty cool car. What do you guys think?

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