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Turns out the plug gap was a bit too wide. I narrowed it and the problem went away. Now it starts right up when I floor it.

I used a spacer when I ran a Weber DGV on the car to mitigate vapor lock symptoms. I was once stuck in a parking lot cranking for five minutes with that carburetor. I eventually had to bump start it because my battery was pretty weak at the time. A spacer and ditching the manifold heater hoses fixed that issue. I may try doing the same here.

I just have the choke adjusted as described in the service manuals. I'll play with it and see if that can reduce the need to floor it. The idea reminds me of the hand throttles some older cars had in addition to a gas pedal as a "cruise control".

Thanks for the explanation about why 2 and 3 were running richer. As far as the ballast resistor, a Pertronix unit is designed to use a coil with the same impedance as points (about 3 ohms at minimum). I got the Bosch red coil (1.5-ish ohms IIRC) because it and a Bosch 1.8 ohm resistor (from a Mercedes 230) was cheaper than a blue coil (the normal replacement). I can also go to a 123 electronic distributor and ditch the resistor at a later date. I had the weird integrated ignition switch and coil with the armored cable but the coil had weakened to where the primary resistance was nearing 20 ohms and put out a wimpy yellow spark.

It isn't that warm here right now and I want to mitigate the problem as much as I can before we get into summer. I will have to do some research to see if the local gas stations switch between winter and summer mixes or if I can get premium without ethanol. 87 and 89 octane definitely have ethanol anywhere you go.
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