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A couple new developments. The problem has gotten worse, unfortunately; now the car will effectively not accelerate at all. If I give it more than a quarter throttle the engine bogs and starts to stall. I was barely able to limp it to Alabama. However, on the positive, it threw a new code that gives me a new direction to go in. I got a 2-2-1 code, indicating a very lean mixture while at partial throttle. This would explain the way it was acting and gives me some new ideas. I will continue to go over every hose I can get my hands on to make sure there are no leaks or bad connections. But this also indicates that some part of the fuel sending/pressure system is faulty, or the AMM is no good. Does anyone have suggestions for testing some of the parts in question: fuel pump, fpr, AMM? I’m basically stuck in Birmingham until I can get this fixed, so any help is greatly appreciated.
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