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Okay so it was timing, and the primary culprit was the crappy aftermarket rear timing cover. In my haste to get the head removed back when I was dealing with the broken exhaust stud, I just broke the original rear timing cover. Instead of buying the Volvo OEM rear cover from iPD, I purchased the entire aftermarket kit (rear, lower and upper covers). What a joke, as just trying to get those things to fit/align took as much time as the original tbelt swap.

Anyhow, I pulled everything back apart, and it was apparent that the belt was indeed one tooth off at the crank. So I realigned everything and reinstalled the lower cover and crank pulley. I decided to start the car for a quick test, and it actually threw the timing belt.

What was happening was the rear cover was preventing the tensioner from seating properly/flush. So I removed the offending protruding plastic with a utility knife, and the tensioner would now sit flush. Reinstalled everything and we are good to go.

I can't believe how poorly the car was running with timing off, it can actually accelerate now! I re-used the original outer covers, and was able to fit them okay to the crappy rear cover. Moral of the story, don't buy **** plastic parts that don't come close to aligning with the engine mounting points/bolt holes.
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