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I was casually having sexual thoughts about volvos, when an idea came to me. I am not sure if someone has done this before, but I was thinking about the twin turbo setup. The bulkhead does seem a little close to the turbo to get the pipework in, but also the two inlets are facing away from each other. Perhaps I could flip the rear turbo around so it faces the front and frees a inch or two for the downpipe?

well tonight I played with this idea, and it certainly seems possible with some small effort.

here are the turbos as volvo intended, you can see the rear compressor housing is quite far back.

The turbos are interchangeable with some work, the water inlet and outlet holes need to be plugged and the ones on the other side of the turbo block will need to be unplugged. also the wastegate actuator holes will need to be re tapped in another position on the compressor housing. it seems the turbo castings are the same front and rear, they are just drilled differently. the manifold will need two new holes, and the turbine housing will need to be drilled in a different position to fit the manifold the other way around.

this image shows the coolant holes that will need to be used but are currently plugged:

as you can see here the manifold does not line up here, but you could easily make it work:

here are some shots of the turbo both ways on the engine:

this one is the factory position

and the way I am proposing to do it

There is quite a lot of space round the back now, and the downpipe can be made to fit nicely with some modification. The other advantage is that the inlet pipework and intercooler pipework can more easily be routed by clocking the compressor housing a bit.

The disadvantages i can see is that there might be less heat transfer from the turbo block to the manifold due to the reduction of surface area of the mounting flanges. however the turbo is watercooled, and also I could add some thermal mass to the exposed flange face with the remaining studs. the other disadvantage is that I would have to modify the oil and water pipes. I dont feel this would be too much of an issue.

Perhaps others have done this before? if so were there any problems?
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