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I have made a speeduino. I will see how that goes, if no good then megasquirt of some sort.

The speeduino looks very promising, I can do batch injection with wasted spark. there is capability on it for VVT too, this engine has VVT on the exhaust. I know the speeduino community was developing knock sensing too. Ultimately we will have to see, but If i can get the speeduino working it will be banging.

The ECU will be a bit of a project in itself, and I will make a log of my progress on that on the speeduino forum after I have completed the mechanical installation of the T6 engine.

I have been trying to find an 850T5 single mass flywheel, this is the only thing I can see holding me up, if I can find one by by feb I will have to buy this one:

I have been working on some other things for the last week, I will get back on this this weekend.
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