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I did a bit more this weekend, I made come brass plugs and copper washers to blank the now redundant holes

Then I removed the dowel that stops the compressor housing from rotating,
clocked the housing to where I wanted it, marked the spot,
then filed out another keyway.

I drilled some more holes in the compressor housing to
reposition the wastegate actuator and enlarged
the holes in the actuator bracket.

I then used a high performance gasket kit to fit the compressor housing.
Lipstick was found under the carpet of the 960 when I stripped it down to replace the heater matrix.

I then bent the arm of the actuator to fit its new position

this seemed to work quite nicely

Turbo can now be fitted back onto the engine.
I will have to see how the paper gasket hold up. I suspect it will be fine.
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