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Default ~200hp 1989 Volvo 240 Tips and Advice

Relatively new to the volvo community, I purchased a 89 volvo 244dl with a 150k b230f and AW70 in April for $900. Love the car and it's slowness didn't bother me in the beginning, because it handles great, but now it's killing me. I've done a basic tune up, OD bypass, timing belt change, complete brake overhaul, and rewired some components. I have a budget of 1500 and I'm waiting for my t5 swap stuff to ship. I've never turbo changed an engine and I'm not looking to swap engines out considering theirs not many low mileage volvos in my area. Just looking for advice on what to take from a donor, weak points I should upgrade and modification to achieve 200hp, and any additional tips ya'll have. Thanks
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Getting there NA isn't going to be too easy. You're talking a lot of head work, and many aftermarket parts and machining. Turbo would get you there considerably easier. Try and find a B230FT from a turbo car.

Also, get ready for forum elders to roast you on this.
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not even gonna imagine the **** required to get this 2.3 to 200hp NA. Def gonna turbo charge it, thinking of grabbing stuff from a 740 and 940, if the head blows in 50k cuz of the compression I'll eat that
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Good luck, boost is addictive.
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I'm shocked someone actually took me seriously.
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Old 01-28-2021, 08:30 PM   #5
Who engineered this?
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A plus t with stock 740/940 parts gets you to 170 at 5-6psi. With some chips and 10-12 psi you should be at 200. Your aw70 probably won’t be happy about that but whatever.

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Manual swap it. Add a cam, and enjoy. Might be 140hp but it will be nice to drive. Going turbo means adding the oil feed and oil return to your engine among other parts. Then gather the parts from a 90+7/9 turbo. You will need the computers, and fuel injectors from an 850 turbo. Air handling pipes, intercooler 91 from a 91 and older also the exhaust downpipe. Your engine is already LH2.4 so you can swap to the LH2.4 turbo computers. Getting a +T engine up to 200hp only takes a manual boost controller and good gas. Read up on the threads here how to +T your 240.
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The simplest upgrade route for an 89 model is to retain LH2.4, install a 93-95 lower mile B230FT and factory matching AW71. Accumulator mod on the trans, IPD trans oil flush. All new engine & trans mounts when it goes in; do a proper Stage Zero on the engine gaskets and hoses, new HEPU water pump. Early version (top entry) FMIC and mostly factory piping. Hallman Manual Boost controller..... and finally build/buy a 19T and a 3"DP. While the T5 manual conversion is always tempting, a quick shifting AW71 will put a smile on your face at 18PSI.

You will have fairly painlessly surpassed your 200HP wheel goal. Good luck!
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Jussi Alanko
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If you go to a NA-route your car needs a manual transmission.
Then you had to change valves to 46/38 and port the head you need something about 220cfm of flow, it is not easy, but it is possible.
You need to skim the cylinder head, you need 11:1-12.5:1 static cr!
Then you need a good camshaft, something about 270degrees of 0-050" and 13mm lift.
Then add good intake manifold, or go to a 2 pieces of FAJS 48mm carburators, then good header and yes, you had a 200hp

It will cost a lot, but not so much than someoone says.
Cylinder head and a camshaft cost 1200€ to me, it is built by LVR-racing engines which makes engines to a group f rallycars, it is a 530 head and it flows about 210cfm at 12mm lift, and little more with bigger lift.
Fajs carbs cost about 280 per piece, so it is 560€. Good header cost about 200€, it adds up to 1200 from head, 560€ from carbs, 200€ from headers, it is 2060€.

If you get a crashed car with b230ft, and you make engine swap it cost about 1000€ and then you had to add so called "little things", fittings, acccessories etc etc, those adds up quickly to 200€, exhaust cost about 500€ etc etc. those little thing adds up that it will cost altogether somthing about 2000€.

So those costs about the same!

But then you quickly get addicted to boost if you go to a turbo route, which had much more headroom. Then you buy bigger turbos, bigger injectors, better intercoolers, tubular exhaust manifold, good plenum intake, then yours lh does not ignite as much as you need to, then you had to buy a microsquirt or something like it, ls coils to ignite the E85 then you had spend thousand of dollars to engine. At this point you need at least forged con rods, and maybe a forged pistons, altough guys in sweden drives with original cast pistons at 550whp. It just need an E85 and a perfect tune.

Remember what i said, boost is addictive, maybe equally to heroin, you will put all yours excessive money to engine. You will surf at acm.se and a kl-racing and a classicswede. You will buy a project engine and you desire a stroker kit at acm, 3000cc crank, rods and pistons cost 1759€, then you had to put away little money from every payvheck until you had money to the stroker kit. Then you read sävarturbo forums and read about rickard thomssons car. There is always room for 3000cc stroker with an ACM aftermarket cylinder head, you save money to this 260cfm cylinder head:

Then you notice that you need a Borg&Warners ball bearing twin scroll turbo, or go to a cheaper route an buy a holset hx55pro.
Then you had spend 15 grand to engine and it produces a 750whp. Then you quickly notice that you need a better transmission, clutch, and rear end. You spend hours and hours to surfing at bakaxels.se, then you notice that they sell everything that you need. Clutch is a 15000 sek, 1500$, it will hold a 1250nm, then you need a transmission, you will surf more at bakaxel.se and you found a G6-53DZ 6-speed transmission, it holds about 900nm, so it might be a good choice. Then you swap, drivehafts to 31spline, and you change rear end to tenaci torsendiff with 31 spline driveshafts, then your rear end will hold at least 1000nm and it goes to original brackets.

You save more money and spend a 4000$ only at bakaxel.se. Then you need bigger brakes and you go to a s60r front discs and double calipers to rear. Then you need a good coilover kit at whole car, you spend 1500$ to this.

Then you have spend money so much that you can buy a little house from the money that you put your old car.

But then you have the ultimate sleeper, you can smoke out some corvettes and vipers and lambos etc.


Boost is very very addictive!
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