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Question 1800 Fuel Regulator Diaphragm

Hey All!

Hope everyone has been well, especially during these extra strange times.

So, I'm posting today because my father is currently having an issue with his '72 1800 fuel regulator diaphragm.

The diaphragm is leaking gas from the top, and makes a clicking noise (the clicking might be normal, the leak is the real issue), and therefore seems like it should be replaced entirely. However, due to our lack of knowledge on the subject, and lack of information online, we don't know what all is available currently to replace it.

Here is a picture of the diaphragm in question:

I've found online an aftermarket one, which is stated to work with a '70 and '71, but it does not specify a '72.


Other websites, such as iPd, offer fuel regulator diaphragms for other, later, 4 cylinder Volvo models, but not ones specifically for a '72 1800.

My dad thought that there were possibly differences with the fuel injection system in the 1972, compared to the older models, so we are concerned that the above linked one would not work. And we have no idea if other ones for later different models would work either.

Therefore, my question is, does anyone know where to source an OEM Fuel Regulator Diaphragm specifically for a 1972 1800?

And if not, are there other options that should work with a 1972 1800? Such as, more modern ones from later Volvos that will fit?

And if one from a later model Volvo would work, would it require any modifications to function properly? If so, what would that all entail?

Thanks in advance! And again, hope everyone has been well!
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