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Default Min cylinder wall thickness

So I Picked up a block to I'd like try to build up. it's a b230 squirter block. I'd like to do 300+ish hp but we'll see how it ends up.

I had it at a machine shop earlier this week and they measured the bores.
3 of the bores measured out to 3.785"
1 measured 3.790"

He was cautious of going to the first overbore, not being 100% sure the one cylinder would fully clean up. I'm cautious of going to the 2nd over with cylinder wall thickness.

I'm going to take it back to have the wall thickness measured.
Is .100"-.125" still kinda the minimum thickness I should be looking for if the math checks out if the block gets bored?
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To be honest if its a high pressure player I think not boring it over too much is the safe bet. U see the b21ft has less block blow outs. Thicker walls = more strength. U can add displacement by stroking versus huge bores with thin cylinder walls. HCLB is probably better. I'm sure there will be other opinions. Going anywhere near the minimum thickness I think is a little nutz if your boosting it heavily. Think about it the new Chevy big blocks are small blocks and they make more power and take more boost. An 1/8th of an inch doesn't even sound feasible but what's stock . If he has to remove unsafe amount to clear the the bore the block is no good in my mind.

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