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Default Intermittent Performance issue

2001 C70 5 speed manual having an intermittent issue and was looking for some direction.

Normally car runs fine, but about 25% of the time after starting I run into the following:

1) Really noticeable "drag" when coming off the gas while in gear. Usually I can come off the gas and it's normal smooth sailing, when the issue is occurring there is a big almost "throw you forward" scenario when you take your foot off the gas
2) When occurring, when I hit 4K RPM it goes into what I would describe as "limp mode" - right at the 4K line, go back under that and it runs relatively normally

I can typically turn the car off and restart it (maybe once or twice) and it goes back to normal.

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Maybe a waste gate hanging up? Any codes or lights? Maybe a soft code without the light? I'd think anything timing or sensor related would throw a code. Perhaps weak fuel pressure?
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I wanna guess air leaks.
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