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Default Clutch options M47+flat flywheel


The ITB car will be getting a flat flywheel and needs a clutch setup. We've got a hardly used NA setup laying about that could be used but seriously starting to doubt if it's strong enough. The car will be setup as a streetable tracktoy. 2 rearends to chose from, an open 3.5 with sticky tires for track and welded 4.1 for drifting. While drifting it would be nice to be able to clutchkick it without destroying clutches or the freshly rebuild M47 The options would be the stock NA set to save the M47, B21ET Complete set, B21ET pressure plate with sintered clutch (4puck, 6puck, Suprung, Unsprung?)

So what would you guys do, We don't really enjoy pulling trannies so getting the right the first time would be great!
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Ronald Culberbone III
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Pick your fuse: Clutch or transmission

My vote is stock NA setup or an organic disk with a higher clamp PP.
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I currently am running the diesel plate with the higher pressure Sachs, it's rated to roughly 440nm as a fuse for my m90. It requires a bit of a leg workout but it's very streetable

For the m47 I'd opt for a turbo pp setup, should be plenty. Sinter plates eat transmissions I understood from my dad when he raced (1.8L klasse crosskevers)
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