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Continental drift
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Question Anyone with Bosch -016 vs. Mitsubishi E5T50271 MAF knowledge?

Hello! My 945 project is in need of a big MAF for injector update, and I've been looking at different options. While I could just move the existing -016 parts over to a larger barrel, I would rather have a prepared unit so the transplant could be done quickly (and undone if need be); as it is a daily driver, I can't have it unserviceable for more than a weekend.

I bought a Chinese -012 knockoff a while back but found it just too dodgy for my taste. I also have a leftover Bosch-licensed Mitsubishi MAF from a Mazda engine project. Externally it's a close match to the Bosch unit, and the ground and power pins match too so at least it probably won't fry anything if I tried it with LH2.4. I'd imagine Mitsubishi wouldn't bother licensing a design just to greatly mess with it.

However, I wouldn't like to turn my Volvo into a guinea pig before asking if anyone has better knowledge of similarities and differences between the two. If not, I'll try it once I get a bit more engine sensors in (wideband lambda, EGT) and see how it fares.
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