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Default 1984 245 Gas Non Turbo Spark Plug Recommendations

I am trying to figure out what is the best spark plug for my 1984 245 fuel injected 150,000 machine? I am finding that there are quite a few options and would like to know what is best for this old engine? Also, do you use the gap set at the factory or something else? From the in town parts stores they say that most of the manufacturers would work and that they are all set at the factory. I had purchased NGK R plugs, when I looked at the gap (with a wimpy gauge) it said they were .035. should I purchase Bosch? The car is stock.
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NGK BPR6ES at 0.35"

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Always check the gap.
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Here is what has worked well for me. Gap at the stock .028" Not in any favorite order.
NGK BPR6ES also the NGK V plugs
Denso copper plugs. Denso Iridium.
Autolite 64 and Autolite AP64
Bosch Super plus.

The original plug for your car is the Bosch W7DSR. It is a silver tipped plug that has worked very well for me. But they can get a bit pricey. They are a long lasting plug in my experience they last longer than the copper plugs.

Get the Bosch pac man spark plug gap tool. They used to sell them at Advance auto but the last one I bought on ebay.
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