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Default Frankencis on a KJet ? anyone use one?

I'm having issues with my Kjet WUR on a stock 1985 turbo.


Has anyone used one? It replaces the WUR but can also be hooked up and make the KJet tunable via Microsquirt/MS2. I know I could just change the whole thing to EFI but not sure it would pass smog in CA.

its about $400 but you also have to make a simple wiring harness and get a MS or micro to run it.

Seems to be big with the Porsche people. But on the pricey side for my Volvo. Although a rebuilt WUR ain't cheap.

Maybe a speeduino would cut the cost a little?
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Whoops! Thought you were referring to Frankincense, given the date.....
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Myrhh is better, OEM Myrhh best.
Originally Posted by lummert View Post
Dammit, Lummert.
Originally Posted by Jesse8931 View Post
Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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One Golf rally car has wur replaced with common adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I would have that to set base control pressure and bleed that pressure lower for cold starts and high loads.

Bleeding that control pressure could be done with frequency valve and MS.
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I've never seen this. Scientific Rabbit used to sell a much cheaper option that would react to a wideband gauge, and had some tuneability if I remember properly. It should work on Volvo KJet.

Their website is much more vague than I remember, maybe try contacting them.
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My car is fun hp club
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Here is another aftermarket solution for bad control pressure regulators. https://unwiredtools.com/utcis.asp
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The ones from Mercedes are easy to find at the wrecking yards. And with dual vacuum/pressure compensation chambers are fun to experiment with- I had one on my K-jet frankensteined from all kinds of Porsche/Audi/Volvo CIS parts. Bosch stuff is very interchangeable.
They also very easily can be made adjustable to set the baseline cold pressure.

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