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Default Painting interrior trim

Are there color codes available for Volvo interior trims? Want to paint some trim pieces and don't want the whole trial and error thing.
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What interior color are you trying to match?
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I know that SEM's Shadow Blue matches some of the 240 and 740 interior plastics rather well.
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I took one of the inside kick shields to the local auto paint store. The inside is as pure an example of Volvo's colors as you are going to get. They scanned it with their digital camera and produced an exact color match. It took a couple tries to get the sheen correct but the result was near perfect.

You are not going to get any SEM or other rattle can paint to come close enough to avoid painting everything. That is a light brown Coverlay dash cover.


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Excellent idea.

This is the charcoal grey or slate grey (black basically) for the C70 series.
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