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Default Set up Differential Ring and Pinion Gear

at first I would like to apologize for my English.
I had to change differential, ring and pinion gear in rear axle (from volvo 240).
So, I have a questions now.
What should be the value of backlash?
Where can I get washers? Can it be for ordinary washers just the appropriate sizes?
How can I check differential side bearing preload adjustment?
I was looking for an answer everywhere and I have not found.
Is there a tutorial somewhere or useful informaton about my questions?
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The ring gear has an etched #on it some where between .005&.008"inch.Bearing preload is set by the shims that are in the unit, when changing the R&P you have to start all over. There are kits that have the shims and parts needed to rebuild the diff.There are shop manuals that detail all of the work. You will need some special tools though. I do a lot of rebuilding differentials, over the years I have made set/ups for bearings/shims etc, for American& European&Asian.
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Get a dial indicator and watch Youtube.
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Thank you for your answer.
Rear axle from volvo 240 is entire yet. I check backlash and it is about 0,008mm.
Cuold you help me decipher the etched numbers?
On the ring gear is "volvo 6814967 003 41-10 1791 082438". So, 003 is a value of backlash in inch, is that?
On the Eaton G80 Locking Differential is "volvo 92342" under "6843488 P01"
On the pinion gear is "volvo 3549597 P02 41-10 1814" under "95 09 16 950 C 2"
I want to connect r&p from volvo 960 to the volvo 240. Furthermore I bought Eaton G80 instead open differential.
Can i join this ring pinion and locking differential? Ring and pinion gear is looking look the same from 240 and 960. I have my doubts by P01 and P02.
And last question, i had read about the nominal distance from the centerline of the ring gear to the button end of the pinion should be on the button end of each pinion. I don't found. Maybe this is only for other differential? Maybe all original volvo's have this same value?
I know I have to check after this the pinion depth by way of the contact pattern that can be found by the rotation of the pinion against the ring gear and check backlash.

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Are both ring and pinions the same type, ie. 1030 or 1031/1041. They're not interchangeable.

Here's a link to the Volvo service handbook.


Without the special tools it's difficult to get the pinion depth setup correct. The marking on the end of the pinion indicates the depth offset from the tool to the end of the pinion with a gauge block. You may get lucky and have the same depth on your new gear but it's unlikely. If you find that your gear has no marking then the depth is .3mm per this TSB.


There are setup bearings available for the carrier that have been honed to allow a slip fit to make it easier to try different shims but they're expensive. You could probably make them yourself for a lot less. The bearings are relatively cheap (LM501349).


You can buy an installation kit that comes with bearings and shims but they're usually for 1030 diffs only. 1031's use a different inner pinion bearing and race but everything else is the same. If you have a 1031/1041 you will also need an inner pinion bearing HM89449 and inner pinion race HM89410.


Some pinions use a crush sleeve while others use shims to set the bearing preload. This is the updated crush sleeve from Volvo. You could also make a spacer slightly shorter than your old crush sleeve and use shims instead of the new crush sleeve.

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Thank you so much.
I have rear axle from volvo 240 93' so this is 1031/1041.
Both pinions use a crush sleeve.
I have a problem with availability some parts in my country. I'll put it all on the old parts. I'll only buy a new additional shims and of course sealer. We'll see what happens.
Thank you one more time.

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What, me worry?
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Those crush sleeves can be re- used. Just slide it over your spare pinion and beat it with a hammer until it elongates .002-.003”. Then you can crush it again as if new. It only has to crush enough to achieve the correct turning torque spec for the pinion. The G80 comes in American Chevrolet trucks as well and this trick is something I picked up off of their forums. Worked well for me.
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