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Default Posting Photos on Turbobricks?

I'd like to be able to include pictures of stuff when I post on Turbobricks. Some one posted some instructions and some how I lost them. Can some knowledgeable member help me, please?
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James M
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I dont know if anyone else does it this way but I upload stuff on https://imgbb.com/ and use HTML full linked, paste it into the tread and there you go


Or thumbnail linked for smaller posts


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Or just upload the pics to your TB album, then copy and paste the IMG code.
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Typically copy the link address like so:


Then put into the body of your post like so [img.]https://pbase.com/chumley1/image/151742877.jpg[/img]

*Leave off that "." after the "[img]" - I added that so that the format would show rather than the link.
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I use imgur mostly. Theres also an option to upload photos directly to tbricks if you're a 'contributor'.
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Originally Posted by boostdemon View Post
I use imgur mostly. Theres also an option to upload photos directly to (some forums on) tbricks if you're a 'contributor'.
Am I right?
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